I have just re-read The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck and he posits that evil is the ultimate laziness, that evil people will do everything in their power to avoid spiritual growth. Citing Trump as a spiritually lazy human being, it is clear that the man clings to outmoded values and hides behind his money. He has no vision or concern for the welfare of the people in his care or the country he claims to serve. He threatens war and whips up hatred. This is tired old thinking. Even though Americans believed they were getting something new when they voted for Trump they did so in a mindless lazy manner. Trump is the product of laziness. Lazy people who refused to galvanize themselves into action, cohere into units of self-regulated neighborhood groups to address the issues of homelessness and poverty in their own backyards. Instead they passed that burden on to an unknown outsider whose only qualification was his fortune. He demonstrates no empathy or understanding of the grassroots issues Americans are facing on a daily basis, instead he tweets a similarly spiritually impoverished leader in North Korea (nice that the boys can play together). But returning to Peck’s brilliant book, he suggests that entropy is the natural force acting on us all and that to fight it we must stop looking to leaders, armies, parents, others, God and develop inner resources to solve our own problems and having done so, to then support the journey of others who are also on the road less traveled. the path to self-realization and acceptance of the mantel of gnosis. It is incumbent upon us all to take responsibility for ourselves and the world. Yes, the world. You and I are as responsible for our suffering disenfranchised co-occupants on this planet as any political or religious leader. Using borders and nationality to exclude others is a lazy dodging of our responsibility. If, as Peck suggests, we are all headed towards ultimate Godhead then isn’t it time we start behaving with Godly compassion?

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