The Eve of Destruction

It’s very difficult to understand how the world got to a place where validation of the hollow male psyche has become not only Rule but Aspiration. What we are witnessing on this beautiful blue planet right now is the externalizing of the vacuum within the souls of two power-glazed male leaders – Trump and ┬áKim Jong-un – whose mono-dimensional personalities lack the tempering of an intuitive female and the reverence inspired by sincere contemplation of both purpose and eternity. These madmen lionize the temporal without due consideration of the eternal consequences. The intuitive man or woman seeks immortality in the spiritual process attendant upon the pursuit of excellence. The macho male seeks permanence in the physical, either by construction or destruction on a massive scarring scale. His spiritual arteries are blocked and no light can pass through the conduit of the soul to inform both reason and beauty. The sacrifice of the feminine in religion has had a trickle-down effect over the centuries. The quiet respect for and contemplation of nature and the connection with Otherness has been replaced by a soulless unethical pursuit of money at any cost and the fear-based obedience to false power. Real power like real prayer is a sudden rising of wonder in the face of beauty or revealed truth. The world has lost its balance…economic concern has toppled reverence, marshal might has overcome spiritual right. I fear for the future if humanity continues to bend its knees to hollow despots who exhibit a morbid display of deadly toys in the name of protection and the assumption of aggression. People kept in a deliberate state of fear will choose their weapon and exonerate a macho bully. I see both these men and all who follow them as spiritual orphans whose contact with a higher benevolence has left them adrift and ill-informed. To fill the vacuum within they replicate spiritual authority with affluence and pomp but these external featherings do not kindle autonomy. No external posturing, feathering or armoring will ever excite or invite gnosis. To seek excellence is to cultivate the highest and best and most purposeful within ourselves and to invest in it with commitment and faith. The practice of inner cultivation is largely taken in silence and solitude. Even as we tread the lonely higher path the world falls away and fails to applaud the courage of commitment. But one day when you emerge from your self-imposed cocoon winged and stigmatically wounded with realized gifts replete others will notice and hopefully be inspired to fold themselves away from distraction and immediate gratification, ignore the trumpeting of bullies and take the time to evolve from a voracious consumer to an exquisite pollinator and progenitor of a higher order of life.