Manuscripts, Writing and Media

Every writer seeks inspiration and whilst that lightning flash of genius is very addictive and fun…while it lasts…please don’t wait for it. Just write. Even if it’s crap…just write. Find a time of the day (or night) that suits and stick to it…religiously. Make a space in your room that is organised and respected and USE IT! Keep your desk clean and orderly and treat writing like a job not a hobby. Keep that appointment with yourself every day without fail and I promise you that within a very short space of time you won’t worry too much about whether or not you feel inspired to write. Writing daily will be part of your routine and the results will be spectacular. Promise. They say success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. So be prepared. I have known writers who say they will only pitch ideas to publishers and if the publisher shows interest they write the novel. I have also known writers who write for the market. They fail. Because by the time you catch up with the market it’s changed. Write from your heart, your soul and your own unique perspective. Let the market discover you. Major publishers may say they only want manuscripts that ape the current trend but they won’t look at anything with whips, fangs and wands right now. Smaller publishers like Linen Press will take the time to consider unusual well-written stories and the whispers are that Linen Press, traditionally a women-only press, is opening a branch for male authors. More on that when I know dates etc. If you do have a published book already consider sending a copy to newly-created film company Pacific Standard run by Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea. They snapped up the film rights to Gone Girl and Wild. Also Dollhouse Collective is a new film company run by Rose Byrne and friends and they are on the look-out for books with “strong female presence”. Happy writing!

Catch the Moon, Mary

With the countdown now to the official launch of my debut novel Catch the Moon, Mary in London in September I thought I might start a blog, tread the well-worn path of social commentary and hope to say something a bit different. Given that my entire life right now revolves around the marketing of this book it’s a bit of a challenge to talk about anything else. I’d like to be witty, erudite, intelligent but alas the most I can be right now is anxious. Still… Over the next few months I’ll endeavor to talk about other things apart from my novel and maybe burn a small flame for other writers, as yet unpublished, who may be wondering whether or not to take that plunge into the turbulent tides of self-publishing or tough out another round of rejections waiting for that publisher who “gets” you and your style. In the meantime, you might consider paying for an assessment of your ms – an incredibly valuable service. The cost is between $300-1,000 and truly it’s worth it. If the assessor loves your ms they may give you a Letter of Recommendation and that can get you past the gatekeepers of the major publishing houses. Even if you don’t you’ll have a well-edited ms ready for submission.