Another brilliant post from Chris Nicholas. I could not agree more! The news has a deliberate bias towards negativity and fear and it’s far from balanced, certainly not informative or helpful and needs to lift its game if it is to survive. But the good news is people get tired of hearing the same old crap night after night. Stories with no possibility of catharsis or redemption are just gossip. The Romans ultimately got rid of the Colossuem barbarism. Humanity will tire of the evening news. One day!

The Renegade Press

I need you to clear your thoughts. Remove all distractions, torments and dreams. Free your mind and abandon everything that you have ever learned or assumed to be true. For the next thousand words or so you are a clean slate. You have no beginning; nor end. You are an infinite entity uninhibited by prejudice and fear. It’s difficult isn’t? It’s hard to remove all the subjectivity and partisanship that we have allowed into our lives. But this little experiment will be worth the effort. Trust me. I’m a writer.

I want you to think about the evening news. Close your eyes if you have to. Imagine the reporters and journalists on your television screen. They are immaculately dressed in the finest of clothing as they sit at their desks or report live from the field. They look fantastic. Enviable even. One must feel so accomplished standing in a beautiful…

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Saint Trinians was/is pure madcap genius. Even the recent remake with the splendid Rupert Everett shows how timeless and effortless this particular brand of irreverent humour is. For addicts like me it’s simply impossible to get enough Williams and Searle fixes.

Gert Loveday's Fun with Books

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Another blast from the past Gert found on her shelves, from Willans & Searle of St. Trinian’s fame…

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Fire & Ice

Chris says it brilliantly…he nails all the agony and ecstasy appended to our calling…fire and ice…madness and genius…self-loathing and self-worship…in the final analysis we internalize God as the creative urge and damn it we are too bloody small but what courage we possess to hold tight against the forces that obsess us. Bravo Chris! You speak for all of us crazy writers!

The Renegade Press

‘No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.’


I often have days where I contemplate giving up. They’re the kind of days where I sit down at my computer to write and think to myself why the hell am I doing this? I’m twenty six years of age and I’ve never had a career, I’ve never finished any of the multiple university degrees that I’ve started, and despite having served more than a decade in the workforce I don’t really have anything of substance to my name. I really struggle when those moments arrive. I sit at my computer for hours and stare blankly at a screen clouded by my own insecurities and self-doubt wondering why I don’t just give up and become happy like everyone else. I want to be a writer; I am a goddamn writer. But in those moments I question whether I have what…

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Catch The Moon, Mary- Review

It was so brilliant talking to Annie Quinn and getting her insights into my book and also her questions. Thank you Annie for reviewing my book!

Annie Quinn


I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to read this wonderful book- Catch The Moon, Mary by Wendy Waters.

It is in fact the fastest book I have ever read as I constantly wanted to know what happened next.

It’s a tale of a young musically talented girl who is visited by an angel, the angel knows her music will one day capture the world and therefore will kill anybody who tries to get in the way.

Poor Mary goes through a lot growing up and fears she is mad, is this angel real or just in her head?

This is a book like no other I have read before, it’s thrilling and really gets you thinking. I even had dreams about it, that’s how much it makes the mind ponder. It’s an absolute must read and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I also liked…

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