Fields of Grace made Best Reads 2021 List

So thrilled to see my book Fields of Grace in @thereadingdesk’s #top10readsof201 #list.

This novel was rejected by every publisher I submitted it to for almost a decade.

In 2019 I reluctantly decided to self-publish rather than let my beautiful story gather dust. It was a risky decision but oh, how it’s paid off.

#FieldsofGrace has made three #bestreadsof 2020 lists by UK #reviewers and now it’s sitting side-by-side with New York Times Bestsellers in a @tbrreviews Peter Donnelly’s #bestreads2021 list.

Motto: Don’t ever give up!

Best Reads of 2021 List by Peter Donnelly @TheReadingDesk

4 thoughts on “Fields of Grace made Best Reads 2021 List

  1. Hello, Wendy
    Thank you for your idea of dedicating a WP blogsite to your novel. I am in the process (hopefully) of having a manuscript being turned into a book, and when I discovered your site I thought it was the perfect thing to do, so I scooped up the name a few minutes ago. I got here because you liked a comment of mine on Jim’s blog.
    I am not a designer and cannot afford one (I now have four free WP sites), so if you have any suggestions or ideas you might want to share, please feel free to do so. I can send you my email, or you can put them right here where other writers can find them and use them (if they happen upon your site, as I did tonight).
    Thanks again. A brilliant idea!

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