The Audrey Hepburn Poetry Challenge: Posted through end of June

This is a fabulous collection of poems dedicated to the glorious Audrey Hepburn.

Fevers of the Mind

Audrey Hepburn, 60'S Icon, Female Face

Audrey Hepburn Challenge!~

(c) Maggs Vibo Wolfpack Contributor Bio: MaggsVibo

Some Things a Lady Just Wears WellWolfpack Contributor Bio: JenniferPatino I am the Audrey with the pink chucks at the party wearing oversized shades at night Scary thin, decked in dazzling cubic zirconia, coming down from a med withdrawal after my last psychotic episode involving a Golden Hollywood delusion & fear of having cancer Some Gregory Peckerhead bums my smokes when he has a full pack in his pocket, but my sweet meter is high, like those fools at the makeshift blackjack table with pixie stick dust on their upper lips & caked between their nasal strips because their vice supplier never bothered showing up It should be Halloween, but it's too warm & there aren't enough demons on the dance floor I let the moochy one lead me there where there's an awkward exchange of one liners His…

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