FRED 6 There is a contagion on this earth called loneliness, a fatal disease that reduces every part of existence. But loneliness is an illusion, a device to induce and support the intense focus required for self-development. But it is neither natural nor beneficial to a healthy soul or mind when it is sustained beyond the time it’s needed. The loneliness necessary for learning becomes habitual in some, infantilising the adult who should know better.

I have touched on this before but in this time of isolation it’s time to elaborate.

There are two distinct forces that orchestrate our lives at this level of our development – LIFE and DIVINITY. These two forces create the boundaries needed for spiritual development in containment. Angels have told me they experience no boundaries whatsoever and that includes a 360 degree view, but not on a flat plane, in every direction. It’s a remarkable amount of visual information to process at once and it needs an open energised mind to accept and organise so much fresh observation without prejudice or referencing past vistas. Add to that sensory inundation an awareness of sound and scent and you will have an idea of their world.

It is constant thrilling bombardment of new life which qualifies their BEING.

360 degree view


This is the force of growth that has no agenda other than expansion, rampant vigorous expansion until maximum saturation of the physical vehicle has been achieved. The LIFE-force is vital to sentient experience. But it is the force most often confused with evil aka Satan or Lucifer or whatever you want to call it. LIFE is indiscriminate and will overwhelm and absorb other weaker expressions of life in the service of LIFE. In short life will kill to survive and has no conscience about it.

Sentience is an altogether different force. It has consciousness and seeks expression. This force serves DIVINITY.


This is the whole, the interconnected, interdependent, interactive collective that works in total harmony to enrich the overall experience of BEING.

We came from DIVINITY. How much we contribute is relative to our awareness. To raise our awareness we consciously elect to separate from DIVINITY and enter a single focus life with a narrow laser view. We become I AM and it is a consciously lonely experience, undertaken to bring a new view and a fresh way of BEING to DIVINITY whom we serve and who in turn, serves us.

Right now I am waiting to greet a friend who has travelled with me for centuries. My friend is being born soon and is already winding down memories of collective consciousness in order to enter the world of flesh as a dependent and helpless baby. My friend will only just remember me and the parents he has chosen. Up until recently I had been talking to my friend in spirit but now he has entered an amnesia and is forgetting who he was, the perimeters of his view shrinking to the tunnel-visioned mono-directional focus he will soon be limited to in order to facilitate growth. LIFE will pour through his fragile little body and it will be all he will think about for many uncomfortable months as he learns to manoeuvre his containment in tiny steps and multiple falls. To communicate with people who cannot read his thoughts he will learn strange new words that don’t quite express the enormity of his feelings and almost-remembered knowledge of a view that was fearless and complete. He will experience loneliness and it will tear at the fabric of his ancient soul and turn his sights inward which is where DIVINITY wants them. He will learn to trust himself and develop talents for creation that will help him express himself better. He will learn to describe the universe in ways that enrich the denizens of the energetic world whose hunger for newness is an addiction. So rich are they in experience they crave newness. He will grow and become a man and he will revel in his physicality and talents and intellect and then some man or woman will tell him he’s God and he will believe it until he relearns the truth – that God or DIVINITY is everything and everyone and whilst he can express God he is not the sole expression of God. He is a droplet of water in an ocean made up of droplets of water and all of them are God. Collectively they express the greater view. Individually they are all equal. But until or unless they learn to dissolve their boundaries no droplet of water will ever see the distant shores or the curious depths or feel the Arctic freeze or the tropical reefs. Once the boundaries are released the interconnectedness enriches the WHOLE with unique experiences and views that inform each droplet of the ocean if they can accept another view. When we truly express DIVINITY, the collective interdependence adjuncts each view into a jigsaw of the whole.

DIVINITY asks us to show them LIFE through our eyes. Give them the laser focused view and sate their curiosity and hunger for newness of BEING. Everyone and everything is needed and everyone and everything benefits.


And so we are born and so we grow in loneliness, our sights tuned to a narrow field, our cravings turned inward for comfort and a measure of comprehension.

Who knows us best? We do.

This separation serves our souls until it no longer does.

Featured Image -- 356When we were in the Kingdom of Nature we were herd creatures, tuned to the collective, instinctive, intuitive and commonly-bound to survival. When we outgrew that experience we looked to DIVINITY for meaning and further expression and in their mercy they found a way to facilitate our growth into greater awareness. But it was by way of the wilderness, separation, individuation. Loneliness. This process continues to this day. We are seemingly born alone, suffer alone and die alone, having lived with interludes of joy and connection.

So, at what point do we attempt reconnection whilst in physical form and under what stimulus?

hand reaching down to save

Anyone who has evolved beyond self-serving and self-aggrandising will have developed empathy. This is the first step to reconnection here on earth and I believe that this pandemic is serving the wider community by offering us the opportunity to empathise with those who are struggling financially and emotionally. Whilst governments largely fail us we now feel the pain of others around us who are battling alone. Without being asked, we can reach out and help, without passing the burden over to the body politic. We are being given the opportunity to behave like angels whose interdependence guarantees both survival and support. If the angels did not help each other creation would stagnate and crumble. Creation, physical and energetic, requires belief to contain LIFE. Physical and energetic form are imagined and supported by collective belief. The angels know that everything depends on harmonic agreement and cooperation. Humanity has yet to learn this and perhaps we have reached a level where this most important lesson must be learned. All growth is painful as old containment and beliefs are shed to make way for the new and frighteningly unfamiliar.

But it is time for this momentous change. Many of us are ready. For some it is long overdue and whilst we are all sad it took a pandemic to wake us up at least LIFE working in harmony with NATURE has found a way to stop humanity destroying the planet and each other and for those who accept the ARK and trust NATURE a new world will emerge.

FRED 3 I am watching certain souls make quantum leaps in awareness through this crisis and for many of them they will never go back to who they were pre-pandemic. The new empathy and awareness is too enriching and too rewarding to let go of. Why? Because when we behave like angels we draw angels to us. They gather to support a new way of BEING just as they do in their own world, which is of course our world but largely invisible to us. But when we behave like angels, i.e. support each other, we feel good and whilst we may not be consciously aware of company, we do not feel quite so alone.

In fact, when we help and support others the feeling of loneliness goes away. Test it.

I see people on Twitter and Facebook saying they want the world to go back to normal. In short they lack the decency to question the morality of billionaires in a world where the vast majority of people are struggling to feed themselves and find shelter. Jesus said, “The poor will always be with us.” And he’s right, the poor in spirit,  the empathically-challenged, the morally bankrupt, the spiritually-impoverished. They will always be with us, bullying us into compromise and denying both LIFE and DIVINITY.

But for those of us who long for an end to loneliness our time has come to reach out and connect.


I know it’s difficult and at times demeaning but where possible show mercy. Obviously, bashing your head against an immovable wall is pointless, but be the first to express empathy even in the face of stubborn intractability because the slow learners among us can only learn by example. But do walk away before you exhaust yourself if people refuse to accept your love and support. There are others who will and they are worth sharing the Ark with as we seek new landfall with a fresh platform for BEING.


This is what we are all growing towards. The angels describe it as: We are. We be. Meaning they have total individualised autonomy within the over-arching whole. They function individually and consensually as ONE.

But remember, it doesn’t STOP there. It doesn’t STOP ever.

You lead the way.

I lead the way.

We ALL lead the way.

Vincent 7

20 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Well expressed sentiments. I wish I could share your “vision” but it’s not what I see out there, out here. More and more people here are getting fed up with the BS and they just want their lives back. The problem, as always, is people aren’t changed by wars, pandemics or catastrophes. Those, as history amply demonstrates have but short term effects and not necessarily good ones either. People don’t change but an individual, by choice, may actually accomplish that very difficult task which will entail high discipline and testing over many long years. Those who have engaged personal change leading to self empowerment (however they express that) know better than to trust any collective “change.” There is no such thing. Certain developments and opportunities may usher in major changes in how a society interacts with its environment but those, however extensive (the Enlightenment, the Industrial revolution and now technocracy) do not lead to changed individuals. Society will not demonstrate empathetic traits following the lock-downs – if they ever end, nor will people develop a real understanding of compassion. If they did it would mean the end of all military endeavours, the dismantling of police forces, security forces and the end of top-down governments. It would also result in the end of all racism and misogyny. These event are what will demonstrate a fundamental change in society and you’re not going to see that happen, quite the opposite in fact. That said, I repeat, any ONE can change with or without external prodding.

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    • So true. Still, I live in hope of incremental pocketed changes. Some people are waking up. Others, maybe never will. I do wonder why so many people fail to bring back the knowledge they gain between lives. It’s puzzling to be honest. YES, anyone can change and it’s within our nature to do so. It would be an interesting world without the tension of racism and misogyny and war. Fascinating to see what would emerge to create the tension we seem to need for improvement. What planet do you recall having a former life on? Was it aquatic? xx


      • Quote: “What planet do you recall having a former life on? Was it aquatic?” An interesting question. I’ve been around the block a few times, but one of my “strong” remembrances is living on a (now destroyed) planet called Tiamat. It was a very large watery planet in this solar system and I was of the humanoid mer people whom in later Earthian mythology became the so-called mermaids.We were not fish, certainly not half fish, half mammal! Like whales, dolphins and seals we lived all, or most, of our lives in the waters of the planet. We could be found anywhere in the widest, deepest open seas and up the estuaries, usually when time to give birth. Unlike the dolphins and whales with whom we had great affinity we were able to walk on land at need though it was a clumsy walk, or crawl! To use current measurements, we averaged 12 to 16 feet in length and our skin colouration varied from black to light grey or green with endless shades in between. Our hair which was long and coarse followed the skin tones. Our extra long legs and arms were powerfully developed for extensive swimming. We could “lock” our legs together to create a thrusting system of propulsion or we could use them for defense in case we were attacked or our children threatened. We were most likely chameleonic as we could blend so perfectly with our surroundings that we were essentially invisible. There were billions of us living in small family groups or clans which continually broke up when the urge came upon us to travel the migratory pathways, to move, to discover, to encounter others and form new friendships or relationships. Unlike the land humans we were not strongly gregarious, preferring to travel alone, or accompanying whales and dolphins particularly on their migrations. We never laid claim to any particular areas of water or land. So yes, I come from an aquatic planet! 😉
        In total contrast however, but not in this “universe” I also remember/have a traditional life as a “dragon” on a world we call Roccar. Roccar is a colourful stony world without a drop of water and no vegetation. The “dragons” live off emanations from the stones… another story.

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      • Did your ancestors come here at any time? Did they have to leave Tiamat? Were they able to leave? If YES do some still live here? I only ask because my scientist brother has strong recollections of a former life on an aquatic planet and in this life he’s a marine biologist and environmentalist. He and his wife are incredibly intellectual and struggle to understand humans almost as much as I do!! Space travel within a capsule filled with water would be infinitely safer than travelling in our clunky air-filled tin-cans. Stephen Hawking said before he passed away that water would be the best medium to protect astronauts from solar radiation. Where is Tiamat situated in this solar system? Or where was it situated?


      • Tiamat (whose existence current Earthian “science” refuses to acknowledge) was a giant watery planet in this solar system. Some 4.5 billion years ago (our time calculations) the planet Tiamat was attacked and destroyed. Parts were scattered throughout the solar system, including the asteroid belt and other asteroids and many smaller mini-planets came from its destruction but the main surviving part with a substantial amount of its waters was what subsequently became Earth. Many lifeforms from Tiamat survived the destruction and were seen again on Earth. Many unexplained constructs and megaliths of Earth had their origin on Tiamat. The “mythical” lands of Atlantis and Mu were on Tiamat, not on Earth. Many mythological creatures remembered or thought to have been seen on Earth also came from Tiamat but did not survive long on Earth. Except for a few still seen in recent times, as late as a thousand years ago, the mer people also died out. That’s in a nutshell.
        Your brother most likely remembers being a scientist on Tiamat – a scientifically very advanced world whose power and knowledge threatened the status quo, hence why Tiamat was destroyed. There is another “great and taboo secret” about Tiamat that I can’t touch on in this response, but could if interested. Water does provide great protection if one is physically travelling through space. Many people from Tiamat were encased in its frozen waters and to this day await “thawing out” so to speak on Sol’s outer planets, the ones covered in ice, that ice being the waters of Tiamat.
        I can’t say where Tiamat was actually located at that time but this link might help to decide. https://www.tokenrock.com/explain-tiamat-planetary-theory-144.html
        As to understanding Earthians (pseudo-humans as the Teachers call them) that is not so easy. They are not a naturally evolved species, but a product of alien interference in the affairs of Earth long after the demise of Tiamat, some half a million years ago. Our real past is deliberately kept from us because it is in the best interests of the “owners” of planet Earth and it’s sentients to do so. Earthians are intelligent programmed and controlled entities designed specifically to serve a race of masters they are kept totally ignorant of. That’s why it works so well. Each Earthian sometimes during gestation or shortly after birth, is equipped with an invisible implant which the creature actually knows about – it calls it its soul – but has no concept of what it’s for. It is our belief (me and the Teachers) that infant deaths, strange mutations or other “problems” on infancy happen because the fetus was missed and did not receive it’s implant, its soul, its guidance, and cannot cope with the disconnect it creates with the rest of the “sheeple” herd. This is another tiny nutshell of discoveries that are made when an adult like myself finally manages to neutralize the soul implant.
        This is a very brief glimpse into an alternate reality outside the one permitted by the soul implant. What I ‘know’ is that anyone working within the institutions of the System is not permitted to entertain the real pre-Earthian history of this world. This is totally taboo knowledge, not hard to actually come by, but it’s supposed to be meaningless to a soul-implanted Earthians in any case.
        As for Roccar, that’s a parallel universe situation. I exist here, but I also exist there. The one who links me, Sha’Tara, with the sister of a Roccarian ruler, or “king” is called Al’Tara. As Al’Tara we (I) have an open “passport” to travel wherever I sense a need to. What efforts of negotiation went into that, is rather staggering but it was worth it, all of it. We don’t travel as physical entities, of course, but “re-materialize” according to form on whatever world we choose to visit or interact with. Somewhere in my too-many files are write-ups of my remembered visits to Roccar, being in a dragon form and interacting with “my” people, all quite emotional… More personal history to fill in pages of written words, and probably not relevant to most people unless they too have been to such places and can mind-touch on experiences.

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      • These are bits I wrote over time as I unraveled this dark and hidden history, from a long time past. This first one was written to (or for) someone, as an email:
        From the “Lucifer” post – and a quote from Ezekiel
        [Voice from the Other Side – Sha’Tara]

        “You were the model of perfection,
        full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.
        You were in Eden, the garden of God
        every precious stone adorned you:
        ruby, topaz and emerald,
        chrysolite, onyx and jasper,
        sapphire, turquoise and beryl.
        Your settings and mountings were made of gold;
        on the day you were created they were prepared.
        … you were blameless in your ways
        from the day you were created
        till wickedness was found in you…
        … so I threw you to the earth;
        I made a spectacle of you before kings…”
        (Ezekiel chapter 28)
        Some interesting points made above. The description of Lucifer befits that of a beautiful woman, not a man. Her “creation” seems to indicate, not that God actually made Lucifer, but that she became “alive” (gained special recognition) when she became God’s consort. Subsequently she “rebelled” against the patriarchal tyranny (the same that every consort-queen of earth kings subsequently encountered – surprise?) and was cast out (again the same pattern holds for Earthian queens who refused to “perform” for their king-master and his friends (refer to queen Vashti’s dethroning when she refused a direct summons from Xerxes, king of Persia, to flaunt her body for the entertainment of his princely friends. (Book of Esther) We also have a much more recent history of “deposition” of queens who fail to appreciate their king-husband’s grace: Henry the Eight.

        The other point is that “Lucifer” was living in Eden, the garden of God before she rebelled and was cast out to the earth. This implies, as does Zecharia Sitchin in his book “The 12th Planet” that the earthly Eden was but a copy of another “garden” on another world. This explains the otherwise totally idiotic reference to the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day. (Genesis 3:8) And the fact that the Lord God – omnipotent and omniscient – fails to encounter his humans (they were afraid of Him and went into hiding) and has to call out, “Where are you?”

        Ah, well, the rest as they say, is His story.

        I would admit that the above do not prove anything. But they do beg some serious questions. Which I’ve tortured to death since my childhood catechism. But even then I knew that every question contains within itself the core of an answer — the gem of truth we often lose when we begin to see and instead of focusing on the new image, start chasing whirlwinds across lakes of precious stones or fire or water… Our programming and pre-conceived ideas keep getting in the way of our vision. And we tend to trust the programming and the notions while rejecting the visions and the dreams. So we continue to muddle along. We sit in despair or dance in hedonism as our world and its life stagnate or die.

        I’ve always wondered how something as terrible as gender conflict could originate through natural evolution. It cannot. Our intolerance, bigotry, fear, hate and lack of compassion has to come from some “alien” source. If you live in a closed house that gives you all that you need to live a happy life and one day you find a stack of money on the table, you begin to wonder. You know you don’t have a printing press. You also know that up to this moment you never needed money. But there it is. Who does it belong to? Well, obviously it belongs to me: I found it. And being the owner of this treasure I can now rule the house. If anyone wants some of my money, they’ll have to give me something for it, and they’ll have to be nice to me.

        But why would they want such a thing? Simple: it’s a miracle – like the Coke bottle in “The Gods must be Crazy” — a gift of the gods. Since they gave it to me, then I am empowered to rule for them. Eventually I will find some talented type in the house who can make and run a printing press. Then I won’t need the miracle anymore. I’ll print my own money. I’ll remind everyone that it is still a gift of God by printing some slogan on it like “In God we Trust – all others pay cash”. If anyone else tries it, I’ll have them locked in the basement… or thrown outside the house… “where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” as the Good Book is fond of reminding its readers.

        Our “sins” were not of our inventing. They were much too sophisticated and pointless in any case. We had no use for them! They were the “sins” of our creators. The sexual perversions came from space, as did the laws and taboos intended to control them. The lust for gold came from space, as did the concept of slavery so the gold could be mined profitably. The ancient nuclear wars were fought here by the various “gods” in their fiery chariots (aircraft) and the humans were taught how to service these vehicles. Some even flew in them. Pictures were drawn, not only of aircraft, but of space shuttles and rocket ships, including detailed drawings of rocket silos and astronauts who boarded them. Records were kept (and survived) of the tight security that existed around launching pads and of the fire and noise that happened each time a rocket lifted off. Records were kept (and survived) of the wars fought by the various “gods” for control of resources (lands, minerals and human slaves) and space fly-paths.

        Just a reminder. Whenever an Earthian human says “God” it’s an open-ended statement. Each utterance speaks of a different entity. Many will protest. Christians claim to worship only One God because they say, there is only one. And yet there is less cohesion, less “love” between the various Christian cults and sects than between competing departments in a corporation — so go figure. The corporate types at least recognize they have a CEO and a Board of Directors. They generally can name the CEO and some have even met him. Certainly he is personally known to those on the board. He doesn’t have competing names, competing ideologies and competing headquarters over which the directors are willing to kill each other, or plunge the corporation in internecine warfare.

        How many Christian leaders, without lying, can say they have such a relationship with God? How many can email him; fax him; call him on his cell phone or make an appointment with his personal secretary to see him if a truly serious problem (such as a member of the board threatening to become a whistle blower) develops? The corporate CEO has the authority to meet with the media and speak for the corporation. He can be quoted. He can also be made accountable for misdeeds of the corporation if it can be shown he was personally in cahoots with it.

        We know of the misdeeds of Christianity over the years. We know what it purports to stand for and what it actually does. The only legitimate CEO/President of this giant global corporation is God. Jesus is the heir apparent. He hasn’t returned to claim his full power over the corporation yet, so he really doesn’t count for much, as Christians are adepts at demonstrating. So, my question: why doesn’t God do something about the mess his company is in? Sure, lots of people are signing on for the “Air Miles” benefit, but how many are actually buying shares in the company?

        More later. This is a long and interesting debate. This issue lies squarely across the path I must walk. Therefore I have to accept its challenge. What you are reading is a kind of “journal” — nothing here written in stone. It’s my way of looking at the ever-changing kaleidoscope I call “life”…

        (I’ll dig out some more on this as I go through some very old files and do some serious re-formatting!)

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      • “So, my question: why doesn’t God do something about the mess his company is in?”

        Simply because as you know Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, whatever name “he” is given is not God. This is a human construct, and yes as posited in The Genius of the Few which chimes almost 100% with what you’re telling me (thank you so much), this Godlike positioning of a clearly physical male entity is alien intervention.

        The “real” God is something far more extraordinary and a “tug” that we all feel no matter whose soul lineage we have had imposed on us and YES, I absolutely agree with you that the interference has been profound and even though I have none of your memories or comprehension of this history and its continuity, I can “feel” those influences and see them in the low calibre male leaders like Trump and Johnson and historically Hitler and Stalin and the creation of the military.

        Something to consider, and it’s a glimmer of hope, is that many of us now are not from this soul lineage. Our souls come from quite different sources, mine is from the Nature Kingdom. I have NEVER had a life in flesh before this one. My knowledge and loyalty is firmly “planted” in the Kingdom of Nature which knows no boundaries anywhere and in anyway. I am here to help save Nature. The fact that I have fallen in love with theatre and music and literature is a bonus! And not only nature Spirits (Sprites) but many others are here.

        There’s a wave of people born into humanity now who are here specifically to alter this misogynistic rule and many of them are men. You have an enormous gift and privilege to be so powerfully placed to raise awareness. Have you considered turning these “journal” entries into a book? Because I think you have some vital information that would help many people “unlock” the programming that is keeping humanity locked into a pattern of war and avarice and prejudice. Just a thought. If you didn’t want to write it as non-fiction then maybe as fiction. The knowledge you have, even as seeming fiction, will still prompt spiritual revision.


      • Your stated purpose, to save nature, sounds pretty amazing to me. That puts you directly in the cross-hairs of the patriarchy who’s goal is the destruction of life, to be accomplished by the destruction of nature on worlds such as Earth. You can already see the forces rallying to get back to business as usual, back to the “normal” of extraction and consumption. The way we understand the struggle, it can only end with the total destruction of the Time Lords. As the time “draweth nigh” for me to leave here I’ve been wondering where Lucifer has been “hiding” and garnering her forces for the final attack on the “Empire”. I imagine and hope that by now she has learned the kind of enemy she’s up against, and learned how to fight. I fully intend to re-join that battle soon, looking forward to it actually. Got some serious scores to settle…
        Quote: “There’s a wave of people born into humanity now who are here specifically to alter this misogynistic rule and many of them are men.” I am well aware of that. Some year ago, in another attempt to explain how the great evils keep returning and repeating on this world I “came up with” a theory I call the Stack Worlds Theory. I have that written down somewhere also – might find it for you. As to writing science fiction to explain the concept in inbred evil, I have done that, specifically in the novel, “The Antierra Manifesto” which I have been posted on my blog in segments, or blog posts. I’m nearing the end of this “presentation” at blog post #102 this week. A complex tale, but written in very plain language, easy to follow – well, except the part that explains the Stack Worlds. I think that leaves most people scratching their heads. If you want the MS (in Word format – or in e-pub) I can send you the file if you send me your email address at shatara@telus.net. Expect a few days for me to get it together for you, right now it’s all broken up in “blog post” format. Of course I could leave it that way, it takes nothing from the reading.

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      • You know, as an oddball and therefore, of necessity, an observer of “human” nature, I’ve been communicating all of my life, usually at cross-purposes. The observer sees things, particularly how the past shapes the future, which the non-observing have no clue about and couldn’t care less if it doesn’t seem to affect their immediate awareness. You know the saying, “live in the now”? Well, to us that is total BS and misrepresentation. In terms of time, the “now” doesn’t exist – all it is, is the non-point between the past and the future. There is no actual present, and I’m always amazed when I read exhortations to “live in the now” so as to avoid stressing about a past that cannot be changed and a future that cannot be known. News flash: the past is always being changed as memories fade or are force-recalled, or written and re-written and the future can only be known: it comes from a known or remembered past and is unavoidable. A future may have a short life, or a long one, depending on how it is planned, extrapolated or dreamed. If a future isn’t known then it isn’t a future, just a blank; a nothing. There is a difference however between knowing one’s future and predicting “the” future. You’ll never catch me predicting anyone’s future! Someone might say, if those people who got on flight PK 8303 had known the future they would not have gotten on board. That’s never the point: the point is to live one’s dream, yet be always ready for the eventuality of change. When I used to fly (I now boycott airlines) I was always ready for that announcement of serious trouble. As I live my life these days, it’s with full awareness that death is just behind the door and the door is the passage to a new future I’m also prepped to enter into.
        All this talk of time brings me to an interesting point: in my world there are no actual gods, or God. There are spirits; there are aliens; there are ISSA beings who are not human and who have nothing physical in common with us in our meat machines (for example, the dragons of Roccar). The only “gods” I’ve known are the invaders/psychopathic Time Lords who gave rise to the idea of super spirit beings.

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      • “That’s never the point: the point is to live one’s dream, yet be always ready for the eventuality of change.” And this my friend is the only truth worth telling and knowing and following. Being in the now cognizant of the past and future is the gift we have that separates us from all other sentient life. Why limit our experience to “this moment”!


      • Another glimpse into the taboo story of Lucifer,

        Is it Time to re-think our Cosmology? More on Lucifer
        [voice from the Other Side – Sha’Tara]

        Seen on a bumper sticker this week: “Eve was Framed”

        Indeed. And on that note I want to leave you with a thought I’ve broached before, if only to demonstrate that “history” can be re-written – and always was!

        In “researching” the timeless files for my work on the Stacked Worlds I’ve uncovered some interesting history available to us only through deductive reasoning. The following is but a glimpse into what I have seen from my travels across space and time… and beyond!

        How to begin such a tale? In the beginning (only it wasn’t the beginning, of course, just a beginning which was subsequently, for political reasons dubbed the “only” beginning) when this universe was just coming together there already existed mighty entities who had the ability to cross the great barriers erected between the various universes, for even though a universe can be nested within another, it wouldn’t do for the energies of one to intrude upon another and either crush it out of existence, suck it dry or overload it — and vice-versa. So there are set “boundaries” that universes may not, or cannot, cross.

        But these mighty beings could cross. As in all things, these beings were possessed of both good and evil natures, to use a common terminology. But they liked to think of themselves as perfect, so whatever they did, they called good. And who would gainsay them?

        I jump now into this universe at a later time. The beings I refer to, of course, are the Time Lords. I have alluded to these before. They “invented” time as a means of control over their share of creation. Anyway, there was a group of Time Lords who made the area we observe from Earth as the constellation Orion their home worlds. I shall refer to that particular group as the Jehovian Gods. Even in their early days they were warlike and dreadful to their neighbours. These Jehovians were, and note, male and “white” in how they perceived themselves. (This information is crucial to understand what happened subsequently on Earth.)

        The Jehovians do not need females to procreate for them. For the most part they can “bring forth” (create!) their own offspring as they choose. To put it bluntly, they can clone themselves over and over. Thus are the great Divine Families multiplied to rule over their manifold conquered worlds. It is also a trait of these male Gods, and note, that each ruling divinity likes to be seen as if it were the only Divinity extant in the cosmos. This perception provides much political and psychological benefits among the conquered and (lesser) created. So thus they insist their history be written.

        What the Jehovians need of “man power” they either create or enslave neighbouring worlds where suitable exploitable life exists. But they cannot escape the fact that creation is based on duality and they do need female companionship as sex slaves, concubines and for the rulers, as consorts.

        Long ago in their imperialistic wars of conquest they came upon a group of very bright stars inhabited by “angels” — female beings who were, when seen from a physical perspective, black in coloration. These females had no concept of war or defense and many of their worlds were quickly overrun by the Jehovians in search of spoils and pleasure. Along with billions of these black angels they captured their leader who was named “Lucifer” which means “Morning Star.” She was forcefully joined to the then ruling Jehovian Divinity to become his female slave and consort. Lucifer was the personification of female perfection and considered of great prize. Her beauty, intelligence and gentleness attracted competing Jehovian Divinities from other worlds. Her presence engendered much jealousy among the great Jehovian houses for which she was blamed. Civil wars were fought over her for which she was also blamed. (You can trace this pattern down to the Helen of Troy story)

        Lucifer pondered the state of affairs in “Heaven” and after much talk (telepathic conversation) with her enslaved sisters, she decided to confront the God and ask that her and her people be released from their bondage and be given their worlds back. As is to be expected her pleas fell on ever-deaf ears. The God was not about to let himself to be swayed by a slave. His final reply to her was this: “If you can defeat me in war, you can go free.” It was an inane statement but Lucifer considered it. There were some odds in her favour, namely that a number of the “Sons of God” of the lesser members of the Jehovian group had fallen in love with the beautiful angels and let it be known that if it came to a war they would side with the angels.

        Desperate times call for desperate measures. There was “war” in Heaven, only it was a war of nerves. Lucifer declared universal satyagraha or peaceful non-cooperation towards the conquering Jehovians. The angels refused to serve the Gods and Lucifer was no longer seen to adorn at the left hand of God when he mounted his throne. She refused summon after summon. On the conquered angel worlds the same thing happened. There was widespread non-cooperation. The angels took whatever punishment was meted to them and waited for many long, dark years.

        The situation in Heaven became untenable, pointless, even idiotic. Neither side would give in. So the great Heavenly Advisor Michael proposed that the angels with Lucifer as their leader be exiled, along with all Jehovians who had sided with them. They would not be allowed to return to their home worlds but would be “dumped” upon a small solar system that was still unformed. All the angelic slaves of Heaven as well as all those who could be found on other worlds were rounded up and forcefully taken to the new solar system and an energy shield was placed upon it, effectively cutting it off from the rest of the galaxy and universe. From Sol as they called it the angels could see the far-off stars twinkling in space but they could not return to them, at least not as long as the Orion Jehovian Time Lords ruled or they themselves developed the means to defeat the energy shield.

        Lucifer called her people together along with the faithful Sons and pointed to the chaos of Sol. If we must live here she said, and we must, then let us make this place into a veritable paradise for ourselves and all the life we are going to bring forth here. Let us make this our home. And so it came to pass. The creative works of Lucifer are the seven days of creation as depicted briefly in the first chapter of Genesis, the Bible.

        Lucifer chose the planet Tiamat as her home world. Tiamat was a large water world that possessed much potential for new life. However there were spies among Lucifer’s people, among the Sons, and these sent reports of all that was taking place within Sol. The jealous Jehovians decided to destroy Tiamat by sending another planet now known as Nibiru-Marduk to “attack” Lucifer’s world. It took two attacks over a period of 3600 Earth years but Tiamat was successfully destroyed as the ancient Sumerian writings attest. It was split approximately in half, one half shattered and became the asteroid belt (the hammered bracelet) and the other became Earth. And so it came to pass that Lucifer indeed was “cast to Earth” as it is written. But even then she would be persecuted and endlessly demonized. Her people would be called demons. Earthian females and black skinned peoples would be oppressed, enslaved, repressed and killed without due process over the millennia. For you see one of the Jehovian Divinities was allotted Sol as his ruling domain. Part of the plan was to prevent Lucifer from re-creating in Sol the kind of worlds she once ruled before the Jehovian onslaught. The other was simply pillaging and raping, a process that continues to this day.

        Some interesting anecdotes:

        –As already mentioned, misogyny is common on planet Earth yet cannot be logically explained.

        –Black skinned peoples are “naturally” seen as less human than lighter skinned ones and have been used as slave labour for millennia. Though some things have changed on the surface the pattern remains and will in all likelihood re-assert itself in the future, if indeed the truly black races have any future.

        Throughout the planet ancient peoples have worshipped a Black Goddess or Black Madonna.

        The (then and perhaps still) oldest human skeleton ever found was in Africa. It was a female skeleton and they called her “Lucy” (short form of Lucifer). Is it safe to assume this “Lucy” was black?

        In the Biblical book called “Song of Song” – a love song attributed to Solomon – the woman says: “Dark am I yet lovely, [] dark like the tents of Kedar, like the tent curtains of Solomon. [Tents were woven from black goats’ hair] “Do not stare at me because I am dark.”
        (Question: why would people “stare” at her because she is black if there were no stigma attached to her skin colour?)

        And now ponder this: Over the thousands of years that Earthians have existed on Earth and evolved so-so, they have been unable to change their behaviour even when it is abundantly clear that such behaviour is anti-life, counter-productive if not utterly insane. Are Earthians mentally defective in some irredeemable way? Not at all. There’s a much simpler explanation for their insanity. As is stated in ancient books, and particularly in Jewish literature (and more than hinted at in the Bible) Earthians are given a “soul” at conception. This is the gift of the ruling Jehovian God to every Earthian. This soul is an implant that overrides the natural programming of mind-body and replaces it with Jehovian patterns. Thus is “man” ever and anon created “in the image of God” and helpless to correct his “sinful” nature. Thus can the ruling Deity make promise after promise of salvation and redemption from a “corrupt” human nature for those who are “chosen” according to the will of the Deity. But although all are chosen at conception not all willy-nilly follow the divine patterning. Some remember a time before Eden; before “Adam and Eve” — before the coming of the Jehovian male Deity; a time of fullness, peace, simplicity and comfort. A time when there was no fear of man or animals; when there was no predator and no prey; when there was no death on this world; when all, human and animals, lived in harmony.

        Would we end war, oppression, greed, moral corruption, racial hatred and fear on planet Earth? Would we substitute compassion and “love” for the blatant evils we continue to cling to as if there was no choice? Perhaps now as never before we have the chance to re-think our cosmology, our Earthian heritage and the reasoning behind the blind trust we put in our rulers and deities.


      • “But although all are chosen at conception not all willy-nilly follow the divine patterning.”

        And therein lies our hope. Fascinating insights and knowledge. Lucifer is also “Lightbringer” so one has to wonder just why this entity caused such grief to the patriarchy. Yahweh got a strong toehold with the Hebrews by guiding them out of Egypt and into a new land they could call their own. Whoever Yahweh was he clearly had appetites, food, bed, tent, comfort and communication so this entity was physical and the fact that he gets worshipped as a God makes him the progenitor of every military and religious institution on earth. He was warlike, aggressive, expansionist and, a usurper. Canaan belonged to the Canaanites but Yahweh had his “people” take it by force. Not attractive behaviour and surely not what a ‘loving’ God would do. Jesus had nothing to do with this individual. He was a different kind of soul altogether, angelic, in fact.


      • Slow on my responses these days…
        Quote: “Whoever Yahweh was he clearly had appetites, food, bed, tent, comfort and communication so this entity was physical and the fact that he gets worshipped as a God makes him the progenitor of every military and religious institution on earth. He was warlike, aggressive, expansionist and, a usurper. Canaan belonged to the Canaanites but Yahweh had his “people” take it by force. Not attractive behaviour and surely not what a ‘loving’ God would do. Jesus had nothing to do with this individual.”
        As an ex-Christian you’d think I would know more about Jesus, but what I once thought I knew, I no longer do. I’m not even sure there ever was a “Jesus” and if there was s/he was certainly not the one they made into a Christ!
        As to Yahweh however, I know quite a bit about him and your description fits him to a “Tee”. A powerful entity, with esoteric weaponry, he programmed an entire race of people to become misanthropists, and that sick hatred spread throughout Christendom and later, Islam. This hate/fear readily combined with misogyny to create the perfect storm guaranteeing that this world would stagger along under the burden of endless war, oppression and slavery.

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      • Nailed it my friend! I lay the blame for humanity’s pugilistic appetites firmly at Yahweh’s door. Every other ‘god” is a distillation of this psychopath’s personality. Having said that, Jesus is and remains an angel strongly invested in the evolution of all souls. ALL SOULS including every animal, plant and mote of sentience. All life has his/her regard and guardianship shared with other advanced souls who guide as and when it is applicable. Until religion is done away with I fear we will always be misdirected. Hugs to you and stay well. xx

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      • “Earthians are intelligent programmed and controlled entities designed specifically to serve a race of masters they are kept totally ignorant of. That’s why it works so well. Each Earthian sometimes during gestation or shortly after birth, is equipped with an invisible implant which the creature actually knows about – it calls it its soul – but has no concept of what it’s for.” It’s fascinating the way certain phrases jump out and grab the attention…mine anyway. In “Genius of the Few” Christian O’Brien talks about a race of Others who settled on Earth and genetically engineered the locals, much as you’ve described, upgraded I suppose in order to make them intelligent servants, not intelligent enough to take over but merely to serve. However, one of the Others, Enlil, flags that such genetic engineering would create a by-product that could prove fatal to their mastery…in short, she flags that the re-engineered humanoids would get “Annanage” souls and it would force evolution beyond their physical and spiritual capabilities. You clearly possess incredible abilities. Treasure them.

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