Glass Jars, Moonlight, and Intention

The shining ones are revealing themselves daily. So excited to hear similar voices, read similar thoughts and know the sky is FULL of similar empathic stars.

Singing Over My Bones

It was the night of a final full moon-the decade had been so long,

She’d had enough, done calling all bluffs, time to sing her old new song

So she stepped outside

And lit fire

To all the pages

All the phases

All the stages

All the faces

That didn’t serve her, and didn’t deserve her

Dropping them into to a jar made of glass

She watched as the waterturned from clarity to ash


Something within her broke.

Held up her arms in the darkness and the smoke—

Yelled, “Moon-do your Work!

Can’t take another minute of sitting with this hurt.”

Closed her eyes, closed the door, closed the blinds

Turned on reality, turned off the lies

Sometimes the words come, without having to try

Then there she was, 15 year old me

Little blonde head, fairy wings, and big dreams

She said, “Stacy, you’re still me, and now…

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