Post-Coronavirus World

pix1000-beautiful-night-1Imagine a world in which all your basic needs are met.

Imagine a world in which you can choose to work. Or NOT.

Your survival no longer depends on you finding a job, ANY job, and spending the greater part of your precious life doing something uninspiring, exhausting, soul-destroying or just plain boring.

Your needs are met.

So, how do you occupy your time?

You are free to do nothing if you wish. Or something you love.

Imagine that. Should everyone be free to live their best life? Or is it only the privilege of the rich, the transient or the misfit?

fairyArtists mostly live and work for love because we work willingly, without a time-clock, without bosses and without paychecks to carrot us into another week of slave labour making someone else rich.

There is a song in Chorus Line called What I Did For Love and it explains the mindset of dancers who will only ever make the chorus and basic wages. They will retire at thirty and make way for a new crop of dancers who will also “do what they do for love”. It’s a Solomon choice to make when you’re a teenager and your best working years are the decade between 20 and 30 when those who start to climb the corporate ladder will be just reaching the third rung by the age you retire and resume waiting tables.  Your contemporaries who cut the baby in half are looking at six figure paychecks and lifetimes of enslavement to bosses they may never meet. But they’re comfortable if vaguely dissatisfied.


The Buddha said, “Do not sell your days for gold.” Who listens? Few.

When you live in a world that ONLY values gold and denigrates those who work “for love” you struggle against a tsunami force of ridicule and a disproportionate burden of midlife debt even though you may have worked all your life, harder than most and with longer hours than a 9-5er could endure.

The question for those who believe in the current system is this: Is everyone entitled to joy?

That’s the real question that the rich who are the major beneficiaries of the current system, must ask themselves. Can they temper their consciences with the ideal of business at the cost of life? Can they continue to spout the meme that jobs = dignity? I call bullshit on both. I call immorality on a person who employs others for basic wages while they hoard gold. I call bullshit on the serfdom that stigmatizes the unemployed and I call criminal on the judgement heaped on people who fall through the cracks for whatever reason.

Consider this: while you judge the homeless and poor as wastrels, drug-addicts and lazy you are ameliorating your conscience and fostering an inequity that gives you status.

Some people crave wealth in lieu of self-respect.

I have three words for you: We ALL die.

That’s right WE ALL DIE and can take nothing with us but the love we have earned.

Now I ask you to please suspend your atheism or religiosity for the the next few paragraphs. I do not want us to get stuck at the gate of proof. Whether or not there is an afterlife has no bearing on what I’m about to say. So please…leave your God, your rocks and your emptiness at the door and follow me into the temple of creation.

We ALL die.


So, whatever follows this life is the greater part of our existence. Whether it’s worms or nothingness or something so extraordinary it has transferable gifts. The life after this one lasts longer and is therefore our bedrock reality. It is what we come from and return to.

Assuming there is something. What is its currency? Money? Work? Where would we look to find the currency of eternity? What pre-existed us and what will continue after our demise? To what paradigm do we return, if any?

We have only to look around us for evidence. The stars, the forests, the ocean. Nature. These are the physical manifestations of eternity and what do we see there? Balance and harmony. Expansion? Perhaps but checked by an invisible force of dark matter that will one day inhale and return the physical world to play-dough. Or not. Either way, the physical universe hasn’t burnt out, exploded or self-consumed. Somehow the universe has found equity in life and a balance that stops it from imploding.

Unlike humanity which is expanding without tempering in EVERY area of life.

I have explained to religious people before that there are two forces powering life and they work in tandem. There is the force of growth which perpetuates life and is ignited by the force of imagination. Imagination is the unborn, unknown, unseen force that powers the next world where all that is new lies unimagined within.


Within us is the unignited power of imagination which can and will switch LIFE on and facilitate new pathways of BEING. In the next world, the longer view is taken, everything new is nurtured in harmonious contracts between sentient beings who give their time willingly to bring new creations into being.

The currency of the Afterlife is CREATION and it is not at the expense of the slave class we have created on earth where one person enjoys the feast while worker-bees live off crumbs. All work together to enrich the whole. Look at a forest and see how life begets life, how all of Nature works together to foster growth. There is a generalized reach for the sun supported by a network of telegraph roots that feed the forest community. You do see some scavenging in the form of vines that suffocate their host but this is unusual. Mostly there is symbiotic agreement and life is served by the health of all.

I have been reading The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wollheben who has made it his life’s work to observe forests and share his extraordinary insights and understanding with humanity. Trees feed each other through their intricate network of roots that sustain even a stump for as long as possible.


This supporting of the forest rather than the individual tree is a worthwhile model to propagate a New World post Coronavirus.

But back to the Afterlife. Every new creation offers pathways of being for the entire sentient community. If we look at the manifest worlds in the physical night sky and observe the diversity of Nature, myriad pathways of Being are observable. We are only limited by our lack of imagination and our fiscal enslavement to soulless work and an economy run on debt. But if we were free we could explore different ways of life.

But for exploration to happen we have to be liberated from expenses and debt.

Nature gives her gifts for free. We do not pay for the beauty of the stars or the moon or the sea or the mountains. We do not pay for the rain that brings water. We can grow vegetables for our sustenance. Why? Because these things are ours by right and if we plan a post-Coronavirus world intelligently we can all be more self-sufficient. If governments can serve the people rather than corporations we can all live simply and well. These economic constructs were born in our imagination and a new way of life can be born there too. But first we need to understand that we can give our services for free and enjoy an equitable exchange with like-minded others.

If we agree to lower prices on EVERYTHING we will still be able to enjoy all the benefits of a technologically advanced society. Technology is the gift humanity has given to itself just as Nature has given us a planet to live on and all the things we need to feed ourselves and build shelter.

We need to start thinking of our talents as GIFTS rather than economic investments.

Vincent 7So, what do humans owe society if we are to take a lesson from an afterlife employed in creative communion to explore manifold ways of BEING whilst leaving the life force to perpetuate the existing physical universe?

We owe the world our best efforts.

If we STOP working for money and start working for LOVE we won’t need a time-clock regulating our efforts. We will enjoy developing our unique gifts and giving them to a world that is grateful for them. So…

Dance your best dance.

Write your best books.

Paint your best pictures.

Compose your best music.

Invent your best inventions.

Cook your best meal.

Be your best self.

Do it for love and serve humanity.

We are now seeing doctors, nurses and health workers who are serving humanity and saving lives. They don’t earn a fortune. They don’t do it for the money. They do it for LOVE. Love of humanity and love of themselves. They know they are making a difference. They know they are valued and they know they are needed.

What use investing on Wall Street and making an empty fortune that serves no-one but yourself and a few enslaved family members?

What use empires built on greed that entitle only one person or one family?

I ask again: Is everyone entitled to joy?

We ALL die and when we do our bodies are fodder for worms in a Kingdom supporting LIFE and I believe our souls ascend to companion the creators who work for love bringing new and exciting creations to fruition.

What is your best life?

A life spent in service to humanity as preparation for the eternal life spent in harmonic creation of BEING.

We all serve in different ways. Some bring works of art to the world. Some explain the mechanics of creation in elegant theories that contract BEING into exquisite and playful equations like e=mc2 some invent technology that connects us and those wonderful few who give us unconditional love and support in tangible practical ways like smiling at us in the street, cooking for us, listening to us or simply supporting our dreams while they are waiting for theirs to be born and of course the CHORUS who dance for LOVE.

I urge you all now while we are locked down and have time to think without the distraction of “busyness” to consider how best you could serve humanity with your own special talents and gifts that may have been lying dormant in your soul for decades. I’d like you to reinvent your life along lines that serve your soul and by extension, humanity.

Be the best version of yourself and leave the old world at the door when we emerge into the light of a New post-corona World, safely hand-in-hand.


The meditation pond at Le Jardin de Luxemburg Paris.

Imagine a world in which all your basic needs are met.

Imagine a world in which you can choose to work. Or NOT.

Your survival no longer depends on you finding a job, ANY job, and spending the greater part of your precious life doing something uninspiring, exhausting, soul-destroying or just plain boring.

Your needs are met.

Because this is the gateway at which we currently stand. We are being given the time to reimagine the world and our place in it.

8 thoughts on “Post-Coronavirus World

  1. I have always imagined a world in which people can afford to take care of themselves and follow their passions, money matters aside. It is a beautiful dream and nice to see even a small glimpse of it now. 🙂

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    • I think many of us are finally glimpsing the kind of world we have longed for all our lives. This crisis will make it possible. Many people will not want to go back to their grinding soulless lives. Stay safe! I really think we will see wonderful changes in the not-to-distant future.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Sometimes nature takes ruthless control. Have a listen to Russell Brand on one of his Podcasts. He is so on our wavelength and basically he’s saying this economic structure we live in is elastic and flexible and able to be re-imagined. Many of us will change the way we live whether governments catch up or not. We’ll leave them behind.

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  2. “Consider this: while you judge the homeless and poor as wastrels, drug-addicts and lazy you are ameliorating your conscience and fostering an inequity that gives you status.’

    I have found that, in this world, a large number of people, however precious their souls, can tragically be consciously or subconsciously considered disposable by others — especially government bean-counters — because they are debilitatedly addicted to drugs. Then those people may begin perceiving themselves as worthless and consume their addictive substances more haphazardly.

    Although the cruel devaluation of them as human beings is basically based on their self-medicating, it still reminds me of the subconscious devaluation of the daily civilian lives lost (a.k.a. “casualties”) in protractedly devastating civil war zones and sieges. At some point, they can end up receiving just a meagre couple column inches in the First World’s daily news.

    [P.S. Though I haven’t been personally affected by the addiction/overdose crisis, I have suffered enough unrelenting ACE-related hyper-anxiety to have known and enjoyed the euphoric release upon consuming alcohol and/or THC.]

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