COVID-19 – The takeaway


There are a lot of people now who are understanding the hidden gift and even spiritual intention of COVID-19. Let me state up front that whilst I hate the damage that occurs when disease and natural disasters ravage the world I loathe the havoc wreacked by human depravity i.e. the glorified desecration of war, the collateral damage of corporate greed, the indifference towards the homeless and the dysfunction masked by “busyness”.

Busyness is that corrupting  inflammation that scores through societies built on the pursuit of money at the expense of life. The pursuit of money has driven people to the current extremes of loneliness, ruthlessness, narcissism and greed in the hallowed name of “business”. As long as business thrives morality can dive. This pervasive attitude has propagated the form of insanity recognizable as narcissism. This rewiring of the brain to blindly accept the deprivation of war, poverty and disenfranchisement has been wormed into our consciousness over centuries of indoctrination fueled by covert promises of wealth-infused ease. The idyllic ambrosial life that shimmers on the hazy horizon of the retiree is the dangled carrot that lures the drone into a life of service in the corporate hive. The drone has adopted the avaricious focus of a priest or priestess who sways hallucinated by an invisible nirvana where luxury is bliss and mindlessness the reward. There is a life at the end of servitude and it is cruising around the world gorging yourself at the buffet and rimming the globe.

The obedience to busyness and business atrophies the senses and sublimates the emotions until the suppliant can longer feel anything much at all. They drink to relax and commit to a succession of romantic interludes until the soulmates who will complete them come along. The soulmates, when they do arrive, to the accompaniment of tubular bells and whirling bluebirds, find themselves corralled into a mindset of needs and demands delineated by horizons shortened to facilitate access and stigmatized by a set of values tantamount to commands. Suddenly the new corporate loyalty is to a marriage that must survive above all else. No more random exploration of ideas and concepts that fall outside the coded fairytale of parity completion.

In truth, the soulmate fairytale is perpetuated to cope with the limited emotional pallette of the acolyte, much as entertainment is dumbed down to anaesthetise the drones who collect pollen for the corporate hives where CEOs manufacture honey for the masses. The atrophied heart of the “busy bee” beats so weakly it can’t expand into a universal love where a complex influx of multi-dimensional sentience demands unbiased regard.

To love more than one person requires energy the exhausted drones do not possess. Nor can they handle the responsibility of showing up and being present for another human being who is not compliant with their world view, a view limited to foraging range.

Love is exhausting and requires patience and a willingness to dissolve horizons.

So, returning to the current situation and the enforced isolation. We are observing now the high cost of disconnection. The loss of emotional connection that rides in tandem with a far more challenging spiritual connection, one that requires faith and self-knowledge. Isolated and left alone with ourselves whose guidance can we seek?

Our own.

But what does it look like? What does it sound like? We are so out of touch with ourselves we dread silence and what it may reveal.

Here we are offered the chance to find out what we really believe and what we really value and who we truly are. I have observed that many athiests achieve spiritual connection far more authentically than religious people who attend gatherings filled with cant. The athiest does not package spirituality into a Sunday morning at Church or a Saturday at the Mosque or the Synagogue. The athiest finds authentic morality through self-examination and choice. In many respects and by default many athiests are more morally aligned with God than the greater herd of religious people who super-impose morality through cant.

So, we are outside the framework now and must find our way back to ourselves.

The great takeaway in this isolation is the opportunity to seek out the kind of mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment we need when our psyches achieve sobriety through a cold-turkey abandonment of distraction and frenetic movement.

“Movement suggests a life.”

However, the absence of movement allows life to flow through you.

Stay healthy in this season of change. When we emerge from our burrows let us be more real and less inclined to accept social indoctrination at face value.


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