Paltia’s Review of Catch the Moon, Mary

Sometimes I read reviews of my debut novel #CatchtheMoonMary that are so profound they make me see the world differently myself!

This is one such review from Paltia, a friend of one of my Irish guardian angels, Peter Donnelly.

Oct 29, 2019 Paltia rated it 5STARS on Goodreads – First off, a big thank you to Peter Donnelly @The Reading Desk for his review. His thoughts pushed me to find this book. This is a dreamlike story where the world is filled once more with endless possibilities. From a distance the angel Gabriel hears music. There’s something distinctly different in what he hears. This piano playing might restore his hope to bring light to the world. He spreads his tattered wings and flies to its source. As he listens he is transformed. He becomes a bright vision sparkling with promise taking on the appearance of early morning leaves when strung with dew like iridescent pearls. He offers a lonely and abused girl safety and fame in exchange for his control. All time collides in this moment. Her music in the present summons a distant past of dancing in and with the revolving universe. Her music is also of the future. If only Gabriel can prove that he brings light, transformation and love. Or does he? Wendy Waters encourages the reader to look up and see the stars themselves dancing against the midnight velvet sky. To read this story is to believe in the enchantment of love again. Her words remind us to celebrate the power of music as nothing less than the nectar of the gods. Waters writes with the pen of a writer, the understanding of a therapist and the endless empathy that reflects her belief in beauty and compassion. An extraordinary story that one wants to believe.





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