Family~One Man’s Experience

This is beautiful.

Nin Chronicles

The 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s were known prevalent years for spanking; when it was growing as a means of discipline and reaching its height at the heart of parental toolboxes. People say so much was accomplished and changed in those decades, that they were the Milestone Years, but so much was also not done.

While acknowledging that many good things did arise from the progress of those times, the amount of spanking that occurred during those decades is one of the reasons I do not like them. And, in that dislike, I often forget that there were stories within the millions. I forget that there were people who stood against the common parenting practices of the day and did not give “little Billy the spanking he deserved”.

Perhaps, being a minority, they are not thought of.

I think of them now, and appreciate the kindness and compassion of the mothers…

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