While You’re Warm

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🖤 Steph's Poetry and Such🖤

Hearts learning sparks
connected miles away.
Linked in time
Something fanned the flame.
Deepest secrets shared
without the blame.
In the night we
felt alive with nothing to gain.

With you I know myself,
I’ve found my way.
A loyalty to trust,
death couldn’t separate.
I’ll keep the scent of you even through the rain.
And while your body moves I’ll keep a hold tight.

Once broken hearts,
welded together,
Never the same.
The weight of time can’t touch the desire we’ve caged.
And we’ll dig our grave together,
In this life we reign.
King and Queen,
Our frontier… two entertain.

Most……… blow through the embers,
We ignite the blaze
Breaking grounds for years we’ve lived against the grain.
Breathing half a breath,
When you’re gone away.
And while your touch is coarse I’ll keep a hold tight.

You took my hand, linked footsteps and together we turned away.

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