6 thoughts on “Twelve Years a Slave

  1. – “To anyone in possession of more than $100million you are committing a crime against humanity.”— 🙌🙌🙌 to every.single.word. Nail on the head. This post is full of so much truth. It’s heartbreaking. I haven’t seen 12 years a slave, but now I want to.

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    • Thank you so much! Twelve Years a Slave is hard to watch and I only persevered because I wanted to understand the root cause of prejudice as best I could. I will occasionally watch Holocaust movies for the same reason and of course the EVENING NEWS!!! I just want to say you are a fabulous poet and a highly original thinker. When you write your first book I’ll be pre-ordering. In the meantime I’ll enjoy your posts!

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      • Thank you so much I cannot describe how much your kind words mean to me.❤️ I blog strictly to voice my thoughts and connect with beautiful minds like yours. I greatly appreciate you reading my blog and showing so much support. Also I do the same thing. It’s hard sitting and watching the brutal truth of our history. Stomach turning even, but I agree that it is important we do so to educate ourselves. Great post- also I really enjoy your blog as well and I’ll be doing more creepin’ tonight!! Haha😆❤️❤️

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