October 15th A lioness kills a male lion in an Indianapolis Zoo in an unprovoked attack.

DdICT9KUQAAkvBVOctober 15th A lioness kills a male lion in an Indianapolis Zoo in an unprovoked attack. 

That’s the headline and it seems shocking beyond belief. Other way round not so shocking. My response might have been well what did they expect? Putting a full-grown male lion in with a lioness and her cubs? Stupid. Even if he was the father of the cubs. Aggression is in his nature. Stupid to think something like this wouldn’t happen.

So why is the reverse sending shock waves over the internet? People are posting pictures of Nyack, the murdered lion, and sending their love and locals are saying they used to love to hear his first roar of the day and what a lovely gentle creature he was. The keepers say Zuri dominated Nyack from the get-go. She always pushed him around. But he was kind to their cubs and a decent young fellow so…

What was Zuri thinking?

Indeed. What was Zuri thinking to act so like a man? Or at least to emulate the kind of behaviour we have to endure from some men. The men for instance who sanctioned and perpetrated the violent and obscene murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a decent man who was speaking up, indeed roaring for, humanity.

Why are Trump and the Saudi Crown Prince whitewashing this murder, brushing it off with “rogue killers”… as in “shit happens, get over it?”

Shit happens. Yes, it does, in an atmosphere of tolerance and dismissal. Some men are violent and murderous and we tacitly accept that this type of man will murder decent men like Jamal Khashoggi who are trying to change the status quo and introduce justice and equality where there is injustice and inhumanity fuelled by a gluttonous reductive economy run on  a handshake and a wink it seems.

So, whilst we wearily nod and sigh over Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal murder, shock waves are dislodging reason over the death of Nyack by his spouse of eight years. To quote from the article. “For eight years, Nyack and Zuri coexisted without incident and had “done really well together” during that time, Hagan told WIBC. “We don’t know what the precursor to the fight was,” he said.”

We don’t know what the precursor to the fight was. Do we need to know? It was over-reaction surely on Zuri’s part. But why is this so disturbing?



Because we expect more from women. We hope for more from women. Indeed certain elements of society are banking on women to save the world. I hear it increasingly as a kind of litany “We need to put women in charge to clean up the mess men have made.” But if women start acting like the worst kinds of men… If women start killing their decent spouses like Zuri did… If women kill decent men in front of their daughters… Yes, this is what Zuri did. She murdered Nyack in front of her daughter. She taught her daughter to hate men and murder them unprovoked.

Maybe Zuri is just a rogue lioness.

Maybe. But what if women start fighting back? What if women start acting like certain men? What if women are fed up with waiting for power and take it by force?

We need someone to hold the light for humanity. Women carry the submissive light-bearers portfolio. We didn’t ask for it but as film-maker James Cameron said, “Women are caretakers.” God knows, someone has to be. When the time comes, if it ever does, and if isn’t just a nursing-until-death role, for the mantle of power to be transferred to women, it is vital we maintain the stance of nurturers and light-bearers rather than adopt the stance of warriors. God knows, we’ve had centuries of pointless sacrifice and forced ideologies at the sword-point of male domination. It hasn’t worked.

When the time comes women must be so certain they are right and so prepared for leadership that the transition to peaceful, nurturing growth-oriented life will be made without incident or bloodshed and hopefully the Zuris of this world will be securely locked into therapy.



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