Merry Christmas

For most of the western world Christmas is that one time of the year when it’s OK to drop the angst, sing Silent Night with the enemy, tolerate the obnoxious relies and even wish the pagan masses well. So, why can’t it last all year round? Why is it that we can suspend our hatred for 24 hours but not for the rest of the year…unless we win Lotto? Why? Because on Christmas Day someone who was born roughly 2,000 years ago gives us permission to be nice. A man who, by example, taught us that love is the only currency worth investing, even unwisely. It’s certainly a very high-risk investment if we’re expecting obvious returns. However, there is a subtle dividend – for whatever reason, when we love others, even the ones who hate us (like that maiden Aunt who glowers at us over the punch bowl every Christmas) … for some peculiar reason we feel rich. Bizarre? Right? I mean what are we actually getting in return? Squat for the most part. But we feel rich! We feel calm. We feel good about ourselves. Damn it, we feel special and a tad superior to the people who keep hating and being bitter about a past they cannot change. My grandmother was a violinist. She played a magnificent instrument and created a tone I have never heard replicated. She claimed the molecules in her violin had realigned themselves over the years in tune with her passion for music and the particles of the wood vibrated in harmony, intensifying the resonance. I have no idea if her theory was ever scientifically tested but I can vouch for the fact that her tone was unique. I wonder if love realigns the molecules of our bodies in such a way that we become a conduit for the music of our souls. It’s only a theory but one thing I know for sure people filled with love are magnets to those in pain. I wish Christmas lasted all year. I wish we could learn the patience and tolerance we muster every Christmas and extend it to those troubled souls who only hear hatred’s blast. I wish.

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

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  2. Being an atheist, I cannot interact with your visions of Christmases past, or possibly even Christmases present. But, being g a spiritual person, I can connect to your wish about “Christmas lasting all year long.”
    My comment to you (2nd person plural) is that you (2pp) have the power to make every day a Christmas day (and possibly you do, Wendy, you have been very nice to me). One of my favourite questions I ask of people who believe in Christ is, “How is it possible to only be nice for one day a year, and then spend 364 days a year being an a*****e?” (meant generically, not to be taken personally.) It is completely confusing to me that every day is not the equivalent of Christmas for a believer, when, as a non-believer, that is how I strive to be, 365.25 days a year.

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      • Big time hypocrisy! But the Church loves it, because they don’t care how people make their money, as long as people keep filling the donation plate when the plate gets passed. Considering that the drug cartels in Mexico and other nearby countries are home to about the largest Coatholic population group in the world, I bet the Vatican is surviving on money made from the misery of human suffering, but they won’t openly admit that. Once it is theirs it is “holy,” no matter what. Nor will they apologize for what they and other religious organizations did to native people all over the world, called Residential Schools in Canada, or Indian schools in the USA. Even in the light of all the bodies of indigenous children found in the unmarked graves around these institutions, the Pope refuses to admit culpability, or make restorations. That drug money belongs to him, and he is not about to share it.
        Oops. Wrong audience. Might have to make this into a blog post. Thanks for the inspiration.

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      • That has to be a blog post!! The Church and its blood money and the abuse of indigenous people, including the original owners of my country, Australia. F***ing appalling. We learned nothing from them about land management and tribal living and being in harmony with Nature and Divinity and each other. The invaders hounded and corralled them into oblivion and now we have to go crawling back to them asking their advice about bush-fires and land management!


      • That”s something, at least. Whites still don’t consult us about anything they do not see as a direct “aboriginal” problem, nor do they do much about our problems that are caused directly by them. They talk, but they “speak with forked tongues.” Promises are meaningless without action!


      • The whites that settled the Americas were religious nutters and later, grifters. They had no respect for anyone else. The whites that settled Australia were convicts so ultimately they developed some sympathy and respect for the original owners of the land. We are a long way from righting the wrongs of the past but there is some understanding that a balance must be found to preserve the culture. I didn’t see much evidence of respect for the Indians when I lived in America.


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