Another brilliant post from Chris Nicholas. I could not agree more! The news has a deliberate bias towards negativity and fear and it’s far from balanced, certainly not informative or helpful and needs to lift its game if it is to survive. But the good news is people get tired of hearing the same old crap night after night. Stories with no possibility of catharsis or redemption are just gossip. The Romans ultimately got rid of the Colossuem barbarism. Humanity will tire of the evening news. One day!

The Renegade Press

I need you to clear your thoughts. Remove all distractions, torments and dreams. Free your mind and abandon everything that you have ever learned or assumed to be true. For the next thousand words or so you are a clean slate. You have no beginning; nor end. You are an infinite entity uninhibited by prejudice and fear. It’s difficult isn’t? It’s hard to remove all the subjectivity and partisanship that we have allowed into our lives. But this little experiment will be worth the effort. Trust me. I’m a writer.

I want you to think about the evening news. Close your eyes if you have to. Imagine the reporters and journalists on your television screen. They are immaculately dressed in the finest of clothing as they sit at their desks or report live from the field. They look fantastic. Enviable even. One must feel so accomplished standing in a beautiful…

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2 thoughts on “Mediamorphasis

  1. This is related to something that puzzles me, which is the appetite for gloom, doom and horror in the reading and film-viewing public. I understand “True crime” is just about the best-selling genre. Is it that we lead such cushioned lives that it gives us a thrill to read about/see things we don’t, deep down, believe will ever happen to us?

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    • It’s disturbing isn’t it? The snuffing out of life is the greatest sin and yet literature/film/television lionizes it just as you say. I think stories that celebrate the hero’s journey into self-realisation are far more productive but living life full-on and meeting all its challenges is the toughest call any of us ever answers. To regret a life cut short and speculate about what that person may or may not have achieved is far easier…and revenge is sweet,…for some. Makes easy reading and easier writing however, I still think the focus on negativity is a dodge for avoiding life’s greatest challenge…to really live.

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