My Book at last!

Well it’s been a mission to get this far but today at long last Catch the Moon, Mary is officially available through Linen Press Books It feels good to know that I have worked hard to produce a book that isn’t just more mind-slush and depressingly predictable like many books we could all name. I’ve chosen difficult and challenging themes, difficult and challenging characters. They don’t all end up in bed and no-one gets whipped! They do pursue their passions and they do seek connection. Not unlike life with its variables and emotional underpinnings. I welcome any comments or questions after you’ve read it. Exchanging ideas is grist for the intellectual mill. Self-publishing was never an option for me. It’s taken five years of rejections to finally find the right publisher for my book. Lynn Michell is arguably the best editor on earth and our mutual product is one I am proud to put my name to. Happy days all.


3 thoughts on “My Book at last!

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  2. How absolutely wonderful! I visited the Linen Press website to see and learn more about your new book, and it looks and sounds very intriguing, not to mention quite professional, of course. Kudos to you! And many blessings to follow, I’m sure! đŸ™‚

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