Catch the Moon, Mary

With the countdown now to the official launch of my debut novel Catch the Moon, Mary in London in September I thought I might start a blog, tread the well-worn path of social commentary and hope to say something a bit different. Given that my entire life right now revolves around the marketing of this book it’s a bit of a challenge to talk about anything else. I’d like to be witty, erudite, intelligent but alas the most I can be right now is anxious. Still… Over the next few months I’ll endeavor to talk about other things apart from my novel and maybe burn a small flame for other writers, as yet unpublished, who may be wondering whether or not to take that plunge into the turbulent tides of self-publishing or tough out another round of rejections waiting for that publisher who “gets” you and your style. In the meantime, you might consider paying for an assessment of your ms – an incredibly valuable service. The cost is between $300-1,000 and truly it’s worth it. If the assessor loves your ms they may give you a Letter of Recommendation and that can get you past the gatekeepers of the major publishing houses. Even if you don’t you’ll have a well-edited ms ready for submission.

3 thoughts on “Catch the Moon, Mary

    • Hi Simon, it’s been stalled to be honest but a very interesting development might throw some light on it. The producer in Scotland who optioned it for a movie has just written the theme music which is simply lush and gorgeous. She’s releasing a clip on 9th June. I’ll post it on twitter. Her partner Diane is a choreographer and has floated the idea that my story be turned into a ballet. I love this idea and have already written the plotline for them. So a film and a ballet should see the book getting more attention. How’s everything with you?

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      • Wow that’s pretty amazing! It sounds like someone loves your story and it might become something really quite big. I hope it works out.

        Things are ok with me – working and life the usual roundabout of life 🙂


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